Darcy Fraser Macdonald

After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Design degree (BDes) in 1999, Darcy Fraser Macdonald went on to do two years of undergraduate studies in architecture at Carleton University and a further two years of graduate studies in architecture at the University of Manitoba. He’s been MIA from thesis work since the birth of his second child but his family agrees that he has WAY more fun now.

[portfolio1 title=”Interstitial Series” items=”6″ set_id=”interstitial series” pause_time=”12″]These paintings are achieved through meticulous planning in CAD and careful translation to reality by reverse painting on clear acrylic sheet. The end result looks as though it were produced by a manufacturing process – when in fact they were accomplished largely by hand.

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[portfolio1 title=”Vector Series” items=”6″ set_id=”vector series” pause_time=”12″]Using the same process as the Interstitial Series these paintings take inspiration from the back glass and play surfaces of vintage pinball machines. The graphic elements form host bodies for exploration in exciting colour palettes and dynamic composition.

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